variable mu compressor waves

U33 Variable-MU Compressor - Old World Audio- variable mu compressor waves , OLD WORLD AUDIO - New Orleans, LA Audio design and modification servic Neve, API, SSL, 1176, LA2A, Discrete Class A audio mods U33 Variable-Mu compressor The U33 ,MJUCjr - variable-mu compressor - Klanghelm * the correct technical term for this kind of compression is "Variable-Mu", but since this term is a registered trademark by Manley Labs®, it's safer to avoid it :-) ** in case the term variable-mu is used here, it just refers to the technical correct term for this more than 70 year-old compressor topology

Manley Labs Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor - User ,

Bought the Vari Mu several years ago It was one of the first high-end hardware pieces I ever purchased I love it Some hardware is sold with the rationalization that there is a cumulative effect as gear is introduced into the signal path The Manley Var

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